French Model 1874 French Model 1874

French Model 1874 "Gras" Sword Bayonet

This bayonet, made by scarce maker L Deny Paris in 1880, was the last of the French "sword-type" bayonets. It was manufactured to fit the French Model 1874 "Gras" Infantry Rifle, basically a refinement of the Model 1866 Chassepot Infantry Rifle. The "Gras" was manufactured from 1874 to about 1885.
The French wars during the useful "life-span" of this bayonet were:
Sino-French War 1883-1885;
Madagascar Wars 1883-1885 and 1895;
1st Mandingo-French War 1883-1886;
1st Dahomeyan-French War 1889-1990;
2nd Dahomeyan-French War 1892-1894;
2nd Mandingo-French War 1894-1895;
Conquest of Chad 1897-1914;
3rd Mandingo-French War 1898;
Moroccan War 1907-1912;
World War I (early). Blade 20.5 inches overall 26 inches

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